November, 2011

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Clay Creations in First Class

First Class sculpted and painted beautiful pieces of art from clay based on a painting by the famous artist ‘Paul Klee’

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First Class brave the weather!

First class boys braved the bit of rain on Wednesday in search of 3D Shapes in the local area – they were not disappointed – they found real life cylinders,cones,cubes,cuboids and spheres all around them. They have been learning all about them all week with Ms. Cullen.

Also they drew some boats and ships that they saw off the Pigeon House Road in the Liffey. Here are all the photos of the boys wrapped up and having great fun!

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Swimming classes will take place for first and second class on Thursday 01/12/11.

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Parents’ Association Raffle

The Parents’ Association are having a Christmas raffle this year in order to raise funds for the school. There are lots of great cash prizes to be won so please ask your friends and family to buy a ticket. You could be the lucky winner of 500 euro! Tickets costing 10 euro are available immediately before and after school inside the front-door from parents from the Association. Best of luck!!

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Computers in the classroom

3rd & 4th class are continuing with computers in the classroom until Christmas and have made great progress since they started in early October. We made posters of the Water Cycle last week on Microsoft Publisher.

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Dean’s Computer Class

The boys from 5th and 6th class are having great fun and learning all about computers with Dean, our visiting teacher.

They will be writing blogs and learning how to do animation.

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Senior Infants fun during NEYAI Dublin Docklands numeracy week.

Senior Infants had great fun this week during numeracy week. We took part in some great activities, including reading stories,an  obstacle course in PE, tangrams & a treasure hunt (pictures can be seen below). The focus of this intiative was the use of positional language. Many thanks to all the parents for their co-operation and help with doing the extension activities at home. Also thanks to Ms Sherry for organising our treasure hunt on Friday it was very exciting! We look forward to working on this programme again after Christmas as it was a great success!

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Great fun during numeracy week

Junior Infants had great fun this week as part of numeracy week with NCI. Here are some pictures of our obstacle course that we used during PE.

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Numeracy Week!

From November 14th – 18th 2011 – The NEYAI Docklands Numeracy programme will take place in the school. This exciting programme will involve us taking part in some fun activities. Ms Sherry has already sent some information home in relation to this project and ways that parents can get involved! Check back to our website over the coming week to see some pictures of the fun times we will be having!!!

If anyone has any questions or queries in realtion to this project please do not hesitate to contact me.

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Special Visitor…

Senior infants had a very special visitor come to our classroom on Thursday 10th November. Ms Murray very nicely popped in to to see the boys and brought some nice treats! We hope to see her again very soon 🙂