December, 2011

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A trip to the Panto – A Christmas Wish

Junior Infants, Senior Infants, 1st and 2nd Class all went to see ‘A Christmas Wish’ on

Wednesday the 21st of December. It was on in Dublin Castle. Puffer was a poor sick cat

with asthma who loved to eat muffins. Emily and Charlie made a wish to make Puffer

better and it came true!! Santa was even in the Panto! We were laughing lots!

Have a  look at our lovely photos.

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Website Wednesday – entry 3

Here is all the news from 1st class this week .

Kian: ”We made snowmen out of gliter,lollipops and feathers”

Gercy: ” We went to the  Panto in Dublin Castle. It was called ‘A Christmas

Wish.’ The  characters were Charlie,Emily and Puffer the cat. It was fun!

Kyle D: ‘We played a game called Hot Star’ where we passed a star around the room. You had to pass the star around before the sandtimer ran out.’

Aaron: ‘We sang in the church on Tuesday night. The songs we sang were Mary had a baby,10 little angels, 5 mince pies,Jingle Bells and Away in a Manger. I liked singing Jingle Bells.’

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Christmas Concert in Church

We had a wonderful night of song and festive frolics in Ringsend church on Tuesday. All of the boys sang their hearts out in front of a packed audience of parents, family and friends. It was a special evening and really got everybody into the Christmas spirit. Well done to all involved.

All of the boys in full voice.

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Parents’ Association Raffle

The Parents’ Association Christmas Raffle took place today in school and here are the winners!


1st Prize                       Mr Lane                                  No-014

2nd Prize                       Stephen Sheppard                   No-0169

3rd Prize                       Melissa & Lee                         No-014

4th Prize                       Ollie Ennis                               No-071

5th Prize                       Tracy Cullen                            No-077

6th Prize                       Justin                                       No-0132

7th Prize                       Anthony Owens                                   No-036

8th Prize                       Eddie Goad                              No-0163

9th Prize                       Jordan Collins                          No-0181

10th Prize                     Oisin & Faye                            No-033

Mr. Lane donated €100 from his winnings to be given as prizes

11th Prize         Karen Kiernan                         No-096

12th Prize         Adam & Sophie Gannon                      No-019

13th Prize         Sam Flynn                                No-0145

14th Prize         Linda Carey                             No-0199

15th Prize         Dan Kenneddy                         No-0175

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Świąteczny koncert w Convention Centre

Wczoraj uczniowie Junior i Senior Infants oraz uczniowie trzeciej i czwartej klasy mieli okazję uczestniczy w koncercie, który z okazjii nadchodzych świąt odbył się w Convention Centre. Chłopcy świetnie się bawili. Najbardziej podobał się im pokaz magii i  występ chóru gospel. W galerii kilka zdjęć sprzed koncertu i z pokazu magika.

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Lee wins the after school trophy

Lee was the best student in the after school club last week so he won a trophy!

He got to keep it at home ALL


Well done Lee!

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First Class: Website Wednesday – entry 2

So it is Website Wednesday again. Here is our second entry.

Here are the boys telling you what has been going on in our classroom this week.

Adam: We have been learning two new sounds this week – ‘ow’ as in How now brown cow. Also we did ‘kn’ as in knot, knit and knuckle.

Dylan: We made gingerbread men in Art Class today.

Oisín: We drew Poinsettias which have red and green leaves. They are from Mexico.

Luke: We scratched stars out in Art Class using black paint and crayons.

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Christmas cookies

Second class made delicious christmas cookies today.  The boys really enjoyed making them.

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Rummikub champions

Congratulations to Richard Purdy, George Spencer and Alex Egan who won the rummikub challenge in the NCI last week.  We are very proud of them.

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Junior Infants visit Santa at Ringsend College

Lots of Christmas fun,prizes and carol singing was had at Ringsend College. Thanks to all the 5th year students who organised it for us. It was a day to remember!