January, 2012

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Website Wednesday entry 6

It is a bit late in the week – but better late than never!

OisĂ­n: We made Beings – they walked on their own

Aaron: We learnt about ‘The Market’ in Religion

Kyle: We played games with Ms. Farrelly

Luke: We looked at the dates on the calendar

Adam: We learnt how to cross the road

Jamie: We learnt the ‘Safe Cross Code’

Scott : I scored a goal with my left foot!

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Birthday boy John!

John celebrated his birthday today in school, he is 6 years old! John brought in some yummy cake for us all 🙂 Happy Birthday!

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Smooth Smoothies

On wednesday Dean and Ava came into our class and we made some lovely smoothies. We used mixed berries, vanilla ice cream and milk! Everybody had a turn mixing all the ingredients together! They were yum yum :-))

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Birthday boy Brandon!

We had another birthday today in Senior Infants, Brandon Crane celebrated his 6th birthday. Here is a picture of him blowing out his birthday candles – we hope he made a wish!!!

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Reducing Waste: Note to Parents

Dear Parents/Guardians,

We have decided to introduce a few simple measures in order to reduce the amount of waste we are producing. We hope this will make the school more environmentally friendly and also reduce our refuse bills.

A recent survey of our class room bins showed that the vast majority of our waste was leftover food, food wrappers and containers. If this part of our waste was eliminated we would reduce our waste production by 80%. This would save the school a lot of money as well as making the classrooms cleaner and more hygienic. As a result, each boy is asked to bring home his uneaten lunch and food/drink containers in his lunch box to be disposed of at home. The class teachers will demonstrate how to do this and the boys will be taught about the benefits of recycling.

We thank you in advance for your co-operation in regards to this venture. This will be the first step towards making the school experience a “greener” one.

Kind Regards,

Robin Booth


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Website Wednesday – entry 5!

We were very busy this week in St. Patricks. Also we had a 7th birthday in our class last week – Dylans. Here is a photo of him blowing out the candles on his yummy Flake Cake!

OisĂ­n: ”We made Beings out of clay”

Kyle D: ”We learned about Tom Crean and wrote about it in our new blue copies.”

Aaron: ”We played a game ‘Red Light’

Dylan: ”We made cats out of furballs”

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Website Wednesday – entry 4

It is our first week back in 2012 since Santa visited us and here is an update of what has been going on in 1st class since Monday. Also here is a picture of Luke who won the After School  Trophy for being well behaved and doing his homework quietly. He got to keep the trophy over the Christmas Holidays!

Kyle S: On yard we were playing football and I scored TWO goals!

Luke: We cut out shapes in half and I did a circle, a hexagon, a square and a triangle.

Jamie: We coloured in cats for Art because we are learning a song about cats called ”Fiddle Eye Dee’

OisĂ­n: We drew a desert picture – (The Wilderness) with an oasis, sand dunes, snakes, camels and a cactus in it.

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Happy Birthday

January is a very busy month for birthdays in Senior Infants. Damien celebrated his 6th birthday earlier this month and Sean celebrated his 6th Birthday today so we had double celebrations! Watch this space for pictures of more birthday boys in the coming weeks…..

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Happy New Year!

A big welcome back to all the boys after our Christmas break. We are all very well rested and looking forward to doing some hard work in the coming term 🙂