February, 2012

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Website Wednesday Entry 10!

Our TENTH entry! So much news – here are four of the boys in First Class telling you about our week!

Filip: We were painting ladybugs. My ladybug is blue with white,green and yellow dots.

Joshua: We were playing football at first break.

Conor: It was our last Maths for Fun. We gave the Mums who helped out chocolates and a lovely card!

Luke: We painted ships – the Nina, the Pinta and the Santa Maria. They belonged to Christopher Columbus.

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Website Wednesday entry 9

We are just back after the mid term – catch up on all our news!

Gercy – We drew spring pictures full of trees,daffodils,roses,bluebells and buttercups.

Jamie – I played football on yard and I scored a goal.

Kian – We use the frog in Maths to bounce along the numberline.

Aaron F. – We started making our spring flowers using the magazines we brought in.

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New Football Kit

We are all looking forward to seeing our school football team model their new kit when we play our first game in the coming weeks. Dublin Port kindly donated €400 to the cost of the kit. The boys from 5th and 6th classes helped to design the kit. The kit was designed to be similar to our school uniform and we hope we will be successful in it for the years ahead.

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Website Wednesday – Entry 8

What a busy week before mid term – we have been preparing for Valentines Day, spring, maths for fun and welcoming our new boy Joshua. Here is what the boys wish to tell you about the goings on in First Class this week!Also here are some photos from our Maths from Fun with Ms. Sherry and the parents. Thankyou for all the fun we are having!

Tadhg: We made sheep because its spring and lovebirds for Valentines day.

Lee: We made BIG Valentines cards.

Dylan: We got a new boy Joshua!

Adam: I played football and I scored 3 goals!

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Great Writing!

This week we were talking about St Brigid. Today to finish off all our hard work we did some great writing. All the boys did very well and Damien got a special treat for his excellent writing. Well done Damien 🙂

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Kyle turns ‘Super Seven’

What a treat we had in First Class.

Kyle turned seven and he brought in a lovely chocolate and orange cake, club orange and party bags.

Adam and Sophie also made rice crispie buns and muffins for the occasion. There wasnt a crumb left of the cake or buns!

Happy Birthday Kyle, from all the boys in 1st class!

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Website Wednesday – entry 7

We have a lot of news for you all this week. Also here is a photo of Aaron with his new class. He joined 1st class last week – welcome Aaron!

Lee: We learnt about Seals in the South Pole

Seán: We are being nice to each other by holding hands when we go down to Sportsco. We also played Sonic on yard.

Oisín: We got a new post box in the class room for writing letters to each other.

Conor: We started Maths for Fun today.

Aaron M: I dived under the water at the swimming pool.

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Spanish Teachers Arrive.

Eva and Elena, our Spanish Exchange teachers, arrived this week to work in our school for the next two months. We hope they enjoy their stay in Ringsend. Here they are pictured hard at work and being showed the ropes by Aga, our Polish Exchange teacher.