October, 2012

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Halloween with seniors and first

We had superheros, zombies, skeletons, power-rangers, vampires, ninjas and all sorts in the classroom this Halloween.

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website Wednesday – week 6

So it’s Halloween week and we have been very busy, here is what we have done.

Joshua: w are learning about hundreds, tens and units while playing a shark game online.

Kian: We made pumpkin faces out of lollipop sticks.

Lee: Lots of boys got homework passes this week – look at our photos to see how happy we were to have a night off homework! 

Jamie: We listened to a Religion story called ‘Mary Mary’s Garden’

Dylan: We  are having a Halloween party on Friday!!

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Halloween Art in the Classroom

Today senior infants and first class invited their parents, grandparents, aunties or uncles into the class to help with their halloween art. We had great fun and we made our trick or treat bags look really spooky!

A big thank you to those who helped out.

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Visiting Author

Mr. Booth’s 5th and 6th classes, accompanied by Student Teacher, Ms. Gallacher, went to Ringsend Library today to listen to a talk by Irish author Jean Flitcroft. She told them about her new book which was printed today. It was a world exclusive for Ringsend! She also talked about her other books in the Cryptids series, ‘Loch Ness’ and ‘Mexican Devil’. The boys really enjoyed their visit. Cian Spain said the best bit was when she talked about the Loch Ness monster. Check out her website @ http://www.jeanflitcroft.com/

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Website Wednesday entry 5

Scott: We are learning a story in Religion called ”The Annointing of David.” He is the leader of the tribes of Benjamin, Rueben, Joseph, Judas and Issachar. Check back soon for photos of us doing a play about this story.

Luke C: We started doing ”Mr. Chatterbox” – every morning one boy is Mr Chatterbox and he must talk to 4 boys and ask them questions about themselves.

Gercy: We made bats out of bottles and black paper. Check back later for pictures of us with our bats.

Dylan: We made skeletons out  of cotton buds.

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Halloween poem By Samuel

Halloween Poem

By Samuel Eliasen

Halloween is the night of the year,

When the whole country fills with fear.

Kids got all the goodies they could,

The walls of the streets filled with blood.

All the children were obviously fed,

Then suddenly awoke the dead!!!

The dead went past every tombstone,

They went past an orange traffic cone.

20 zombies turned into a fleet,

Walking down the bloody street.

All the kids gave a loud scream,

Then out of nowhere came a red beam.

The red beam was a sniper rifle,

Loaded with gone-off trifle!

He aimed, he shot,

The trifle was scalding hot.

The zombies ran with all their might,

They sure got a hell of a fright!!!!!

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Apprentice Masterchefs!

Mr. Booth’s 5th and 6th classes ventured next-door to our  friendly neighbours in Ringsend College for some cooking lessons this week. The boys were in the very capable hands of Ms. Nugent who guided them through the steps necessary to cook a delicious lasagne. I’m sure the boys’ families are all looking forward to having a tasty meal served up to them some day soon! Many thanks to Ringsend College and especially to Ms. Nugent for her help (and patience!). Pictures to follow…

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Website Wednesday entry 4

John: We made yellow submarines in Art because we were listening to the song ”We all live in a yellow submarine” in Music.

Oisín: Laura put up the Halloween decorations. Our classroom looks really spooky.

Reece: We are jumping on the numberline in Maths.We also played a game called Jellyman where we have to find the numbers that add up to 10, 3,22 and even 27!!

Dylan: We were doing tricky Maths adding sums on our Maths sheet.

Aaron: On Monday we did PE and we played Spongebob goes Jellyfishing and we learnt a new song ”Bualadh Bos ” with actions.

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TV Soccer Stars!

Céilim Gannon and Igor Bartosiak were chosen by RTE to film a promo for their new series ‘Football’s Next Star’ in the Aviva Stadium. Jake O’Neill was also chosen but unfortunately he was too young and couldn’t attend. Former pupil Jonathon Egan and Brandon Kinsella from Marian College completed the quartet of footballers. Here is Céilim and Igor’s account of their day filming:

Jonathon Tormey from the FAI picked us up from school at 1:30pm and we went straight to the Aviva. The RTE film crew from TRTE were there and we started filming straight away for a promo called ‘Can you kick it?’ There were 2 directors and a cameraman and sound engineer. We had to dribble with a ball through cones and shoot into a goal. We had to re-shoot the scenes from different angles. We learned that making TV programmes takes a long time! We played football tennis and had heading competitions and also played ‘keppie uppie’. We also had to ask quiz questions for the viewers of ‘Football’s Next Star’ which will appear in the programme. We were given popcorn, jellies and water and then went on a tour of the stadium. We got to sit in the manager’s chair and saw the dressing rooms and warm-up areas. It was cool to see inside the stadium. They even have an astro pitch inside the stadium for warming up the players indoors. The edited programme should be on trte’s facebook site next week so you can see us in action then.

Céilim & Igor

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Clic News

Ian Roller from DISC came to visit 5th & 6th classes today to show the boys the latest developments on the Clic News website. Scott and Cian both posted comments on the site about El Classico: Barcelona v Real Madrid. Check out the site here: www.clicnews.ie