Website Wednesday – entry 10

Website Wednesday week 10 is here! Jamie: We have been doing lots of Maths word problems where you take away or add the numbers! Our brains are working very hard this week. Tadhg: We have been counting in hundreds,tens and units. Kyle S: We have been playing Table King. I love this game! Filip: We played PE - we did the running game, the hoop game and the beanbag game. We wore our coats during PE...
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Rummikub and 2 Website Wednesdays

 Luke C: We played Rummikub again this week and we had many winners this time! Jamie: Laura made a beautiful rainbow fish and we are now using it to read our tricky words. Kian: We are reminding ourselves how to use ''The Safe Cross Code'' Filip: We wrote some happy feeling poems and put them on happy faces. Kule S: We played ''Follow Me'' in PE Oisín: We got new books from Dundrum Library to...
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Website Wednesday – a little late – week 7

Kyle S: We learnt a story about Romulus and Remus who fought each other in Ancient Roman times. Romulus won and got to call his city Rome. Jamie : We are learning about Italy. We are singing 1-10 in Italian. We made Gondolas in Art. Oisín: We are making Italian flags out of pasta , we painted the pasta green,white and red. Kyle D: We wrote Italian numbers in bubble writing and then we drew...
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