November, 2012

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Website Wednesday – entry 10

Website Wednesday week 10 is here!

Jamie: We have been doing lots of Maths word problems where you take away or add the numbers! Our brains are working very hard this week.

Tadhg: We have been counting in hundreds,tens and units.

Kyle S: We have been playing Table King. I love this game!

Filip: We played PE – we did the running game, the hoop game and the beanbag game. We wore our coats during PE because it was so cold outside. By the end of PE – we were sweating.

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Rummikub and 2 Website Wednesdays


Luke C: We played Rummikub again this week and we had many winners this time!

Jamie: Laura made a beautiful rainbow fish and we are now using it to read our tricky words.

Kian: We are reminding ourselves how to use ”The Safe Cross Code”

Filip: We wrote some happy feeling poems and put them on happy faces.

Kule S: We played ”Follow Me” in PE

Oisín: We got new books from Dundrum Library to read when we are finished our work early.

John : Today we had 8 boys names in stars – Wow!

Here are some photos of Rummikub in the classroom, Cambridge Football team – do you see some of the 1st and 2nd class boys in the picture  and then Kian, Scott and Filip smiling for the camera.

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Website Wednesday – a little late – week 7

Kyle S: We learnt a story about Romulus and Remus who fought each other in Ancient Roman times. Romulus won and got to call his city Rome.

Jamie : We are learning about Italy. We are singing 1-10 in Italian. We made Gondolas in Art.

Oisín: We are making Italian flags out of pasta , we painted the pasta green,white and red.

Kyle D: We wrote Italian numbers in bubble writing and then we drew pictures of Italy around the writing. Some people drew the leaning tower of Pisa, some drew Ferraris, some drew pizzas and others drew Gondolas.

Gercy: We are still using Mr. Chatterbox.

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Junior Infants : Halloween

Junior Infants first time dressing up in our school!

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Halloween : 1st and 2nd class

We had great fun on the last day : dressing up,playing halloween games and winning sweets! Here are some of the pictures from the day!