Christmas is on the way in 1st and 2nd class!

We had Mary and Catherine in telling the Communion boys all about Pappa Panov. Some boys even got to act! They also did some art with Mary and Catherine but you will have to wait till Sunday to see it at their special Sunday mass this week! Conor brought in his Furby! We had such fun listening to it tell a joke and a story. Brandon told some jokes from his Spongebob book. We have posted a...
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Website Wednesday – entry 11

Gercy: We practised singing ''Little Donkey'' Scot: We also said our poem ''The Best Gift'' John: We did PE today - we played a witches/wizards game and a new shoe game called ''Get your shoe Cinderella'' Aaron F: We walked to the NCI on Wednesday to support and play Rummikub! Dylan: We made Santy cards for the tree in Ringsend College Tadhg: Laura put up our Christmas decorations. Our room looks...
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