January, 2013

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Website Wednesday 30th January

Jamie: We made our ‘self portrait’ by drawing and then painting  them.

Oisín: We did PE – I like the hide the hankie game.

Seán: We played the ”Follow the Leader” game in PE – because it is fun!

Reece: We did Maths this week – we learned about counting in 2’s and 5’s  and money – we played the game ”Race to 2Euro” this morning.

Lee: We made human beings out of fabric – for Art/Religion.

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Website Wednesday 23rd January

Lee: We made angry verbs – I made the King Pig and the Bomb bird. An example  of a verb is : to swim and to run

John: We learned all about money – 100  one cents make a euro. My partner was Luke and we played with the menus and the money.

Kyle Smith: We did PE today – we played follow the leader.

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Website Wednesday 16th January

Scott: We are learning a song ‘Chitty Chitty Bang Bang’

Seán: We learned about Séimí the baby in Bun go Barr for G aeilge.

Conor: We drew pictures of the Green Machine.

Oisin: We learned abut verbs using our busy bees. I drew a flying bee.

Dylan: I talked about my trip to Liverpool.

Tadhg: I talked about my trip to see Everton.

Luke C: We learned about counting in 5’s and using money.

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1st and 2nd class news for 2013

Scott: On A Monday Mouthful we said the poem ”The Crooked Old Man” This will help us to speak properly and say every word  correctly.

Adam: We were in school 3 days and we have learned about Alexander Graham Bell and he made the first phone. His first words were ”Mr Watson,come here I want to see you.

Aaron: We sang ”The Green Machine” – it makes the sounds ”Whizz Bang Boing Ping”

John: Every Monday we play Table King

Luke C: We counted in hundreds.

Seán: We learnt about static electicity thanks to Gercys hair and a balloon.