March, 2017

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Art Attack!

Mr Lane’s class took part in a very exciting art project in conjunction with the RHA and their guest artist Bassam Al-Sabah. We visited his studio to see some of his creations. Then Bassam came to our classroom on two consecutive days to work with the boys to produce their own creations. Using cardboard cylinders and tape to construct a frame, the boys, working in small groups, added clay to the frames to produce amazing robots, monsters and warriors based on Bassam’s original work. Here are some images of the artists at work.IMG_0559 IMG_0556 IMG_0555(1) IMG_0560 IMG_0554 IMG_0557

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Grandparents’ Day

Wednesday March 22nd was Grandparents Day in our school.

Perhaps some of the grandparents may remember when these photos were taken and and the people in them.

Temple Bar 1995

S28BW-5e17033114480 0001

Sponsored Table Quiz

S28BW-5e17033114481 0001

S28BW-5e17033114551 0001

Regatta 1974

S28BW-5e17033114490 0001

Parnell Park 1990S28BW-5e17033114510 0001

Joe Scully playing the accordion

S28BW-5e17033114540 0001

S28BW-5e17033114550 0001

S28BW-5e17032715560 0001S28BW-5e17032715561 0001

S28BW-5e17032715550 0001

This was taken at a Teachers V Parents football match in 1974.

S28BW-5e17032213300 0001

This was taken about the same time. No prizes for recognising the girl second from left.

S28BW-5e17032213320 0001

And you must recognise the girl in the white top. Don’t bother about the boys they were from a visiting German school.

S28BW-5e17032213290 0001

S28BW-5e17032213420 0001

S28BW-5e17032214110 0001

S28BW-5e17032213422 0001

S28BW-5e17032213441 0001

S28BW-5e17032213291 0001

S28BW-5e17032215340 0001S28BW-5e17032215341 0001S28BW-5e17032215342 0001