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Active Week with Coach Jonathan

Junior and Senior Infants participated in Active week today in the park with Jonathan Tormey. They played warm up games, learnt new football skills and even got to try their hand at some football tricks like Ronaldo and Messi. They even got to play a mini football match at the end. 


DSCF7378 DSCF7379 DSCF7381 DSCF7383 IMG_20170928_094457 IMG_20170928_094503 IMG_20170928_094856 IMG_20170928_094902 IMG_20170928_095356 IMG_20170928_095357

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Senior Infants

Senior Infants on Friday the 22nd of September.


DSCF7352 DSCF7353 DSCF7354 DSCF7355 DSCF7356 DSCF7357 DSCF7358 DSCF7360 DSCF7361 DSCF7362 DSCF7363 DSCF7366 DSCF7359 DSCF7365

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A day in Junior Infants

DSCF7327 DSCF7326 DSCF7325 DSCF7322 DSCF7321 DSCF7319 DSCF7317 DSCF7316DSCF7293 DSCF7297 DSCF7304 DSCF7314 DSCF7294

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Junior Infants Maths and Handwriting

Junior Infants are busy sorting animals into big and small sets.

Also we are learning to write our letters ‘S’ and ‘a’ – using chalkboards,whiteboards and playdough. DSCF7351 DSCF7350 DSCF7349 DSCF7348 DSCF7347 DSCF7344 DSCF7346 DSCF7342 DSCF7341 DSCF7340 DSCF7339 DSCF7338 DSCF7336 DSCF7332 DSCF7331 DSCF7328 DSCF7329 DSCF7330

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April Birthdays in Juniors

TJ and Mason both had birthdays in April. We sang Happy Birthday in English and in Gaeilge so the boys could make 2 wishes with their chocolate biscuit and Minion cakes. DSCF6943DSCF6940

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Juniors and Seniors visit Imaginosity

IMAG0383 IMAG0382 IMAG0381 IMAG0379 IMAG0377 IMAG0375 IMAG0374 IMAG0373 IMAG0372 IMAG0371 IMAG0370 IMAG0368 IMAG0365 IMAG0364 IMAG0363 IMAG0362 IMAG0361 IMAG0356 IMAG0354 IMAG0352 IMAG0341 IMAG0346 IMAG0348 IMAG0350 IMAG0351On Wednesday the 9th of March, Juniors and Seniors headed to Imaginosity. They had such fun dressing up, going up and down the climber, pretending to be builders, knocking down foam walls and working in the post office, supermarkert and diner. They were very tired after their play session, a sign of a good day had by all!



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Back to Business in Junior Infants


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Juniors and their families get busy during Pattern Week

Junior Infants created patterns using the coloured camel counters, ink prints, beaded bracelets and games on the whiteboard.

Thankyou to all the parents who came in to help that morning, the boys had great fun and learned all about pattern through hands on activities.


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Pattern Week

All the boys were busy making 2 and 3 colour patterns out of beads, pegs, frogs and potato prints.

We also had a 5th birthday this week – we all enjoyed Jamie’s lovely chocolate cake and jellies.



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Halloween Time!

Junior and Seniors were busy preparing for Halloween. Senior Infants  did Halloween Art in the classroom – thanks to Mr. Lehman and all the parents/grandparents who came into help them. Their ghosts and pumpkins turned out great!

Junior Infants got into the festive fun by wearing their favourite costumes and playing some halloween games. DSCF6743DSCF6742DSCF6740DSCF6739DSCF6737DSCF6735DSCF6733DSCF6732DSCF6731DSCF6730DSCF6729DSCF6728