Junior Infants Maths and Handwriting

Posted by: | Posted on: September 18, 2017

Junior Infants are busy sorting animals into big and small sets.

Also we are learning to write our letters ‘S’ and ‘a’ – using chalkboards,whiteboards and playdough. DSCF7351 DSCF7350 DSCF7349 DSCF7348 DSCF7347 DSCF7344 DSCF7346 DSCF7342 DSCF7341 DSCF7340 DSCF7339 DSCF7338 DSCF7336 DSCF7332 DSCF7331 DSCF7328 DSCF7329 DSCF7330

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