Author: conor fahy

10 at 10

11th of October 2019………. All of the classes in St Patrick’s BNS took part in 10 at 10. We all went to the back yard to exercise. The girls school were doing it too. They put on some songs like Shotgun, Roar and some other songs .We started off with some waving of our arms …

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Trip to Airfield Farm

It was a very long ride. When we exited the bus we were greeted by our tour guides. We went into their cold, small house where they told us the rules of the farm. Then we set out to visit the chickens. We were able to feed the chickens. I had a pain in my …

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Semi-Final Success

Semi-Final of the Pegasus Cup St Patricks BNS VS Adamstown Date: 2/5/19 Time of kick-off: 10:30am                                                                                   In the first half Luke Harte scored four brilliant goals. One was a penalty and he scored it , firing it down the middle left. Prior to that , Lucas Doyle had set Luke up with a …

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