Fairtrade is to help poor people get food and go to school. So the families could be together. Today a coffee farmer named Joseph came to our class and told us what is Fair Trade. He is from Tanzania the east of Africa. It takes 2 years to deliver coffee to Ireland. The logo of Fair Trade is a man with his hand up. Please buy products with this logo.

By: Kuba

Today two men came into our classroom. Their names were Joseph and Mark. They told us fairtrade is when you are getting a choclate bar it has a little sign on it when you buy it. It goes straight over to Africa to the poor people. Joseph is from East Africa. Mark is from Ireland. They work in Dublin city council. Joseph works in a farm too. He grows coffe he works with six or seven thousand farmers.

By: Adam

The Fairtrade people are wonderful. They help the poor so they get a good education andso they do not have to walk miles and miles for water. Today we were taught that Fairtrade helps. It’s not like any other food selling or clothes selling. Two men Mark and Joseph came in and talked to us in school. Mark was talking about how Fairtrade helps and can save lives. Joseph is from Tanzania east Africia. He and other farmers grew coffee and bananas and all different other things. Over in Joseph’s country kids don’t only have to walk miles for water they also have to walk miles for education. At the end he gave us a goodie bag and leaflets so we can buy Fairtrade products. They are visiting hundreds of schools in Dublin. This morning they went to City Quay. They were from Dublin City Council. Fairtrade products are the same and the same price but remember  the money goes to the poor.

By: Luke

Fairtrade is nice. It helps poor people. Mark and Joseph came into this school and showed us how important Fairtrade is . If you want to help the poor people of Africia just buy the products with the lable. Joseph is from Tanzania . Mark is from Dublin. Mark and Joseph go from school to school every day. We got choclate, balloons and a bag. Thats all I know about Fairtrade the next time Mark and Joseph come back more kids will get their parents to buy Fairtrade products. All the money goes to the people in Africia.

By: Anthony

Today two men came into our school from Fairtrade. One was from Dublin the other man was from Tanzania the east of Africa. His name was Joseph I think. Fairtrade is a very good product for poor people. Joseph makes coffee in Kagera Bukoba. The coffee is brought all over the world. All the trouble they go through to make coffe for us. We should be thankful. we should buy products marked with Fairtrade to help Africia build Schools, Wells. Buy products with the Fairtrade logo. Please buy Fairtrade.

By: Dorian 


Listening to Joseph and Mark telling us about Fairtrade