Football Season 2016

Our school soccer team has reached the Division 4 Final this year. We will probably be up against St. Laurence O’Toole’s in the final if, as expected, they win their semi-final. We have already lost twice to them in our group so it will take a huge effort to beat them but we will try our best.

We played 6 group games with home and away fixtures against Harold’s Cross, John Scottus and St. Laurence O’Tooles. We won 4 games and lost twice to Laurence O’Tooles. The first defeat was a heavy one but we ran them close in the second game. Having come second in our group we qualified for the quarter-finals where we beat St Dominic’s, Tallaght away 6-1. We then played an away semi-final against a very physical Ballymun team where we managed to escape with a 4-1 victory. The final awaits us in the coming weeks.

One remarkable statistic is that Evan has scored a minimum of 3 goals in every match so far this season. Let’s hope he can repeat that form in the final.

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