The Parents’ Association Christmas Raffle took place today in school and here are the winners!


1st Prize                       Mr Lane                                  No-014

2nd Prize                       Stephen Sheppard                   No-0169

3rd Prize                       Melissa & Lee                         No-014

4th Prize                       Ollie Ennis                               No-071

5th Prize                       Tracy Cullen                            No-077

6th Prize                       Justin                                       No-0132

7th Prize                       Anthony Owens                                   No-036

8th Prize                       Eddie Goad                              No-0163

9th Prize                       Jordan Collins                          No-0181

10th Prize                     Oisin & Faye                            No-033

Mr. Lane donated €100 from his winnings to be given as prizes

11th Prize         Karen Kiernan                         No-096

12th Prize         Adam & Sophie Gannon                      No-019

13th Prize         Sam Flynn                                No-0145

14th Prize         Linda Carey                             No-0199

15th Prize         Dan Kenneddy                         No-0175