Semi-Final of the Pegasus Cup St Patricks BNS VS Adamstown

Date: 2/5/19 Time of kick-off: 10:30am                                                                                  

In the first half Luke Harte scored four brilliant goals. One was a penalty and he scored it , firing it down the middle left. Prior to that , Lucas Doyle had set Luke up with a beautiful ball over the top to open the scoring. Straight after the penalty, Luke scored a third goal for the team, earning himself a nice hat-trick. Everyone’s hopes were high and later in the half Luke scored again to make it 4-0. But he wasn’t the only excellent player on the team because every player played brilliantly. The defence was superb and so were the mid-field and forwards. In the second-half Adamstown scored a penalty to bring the score to 4-1 in favour of Ringsend. An own goal from the Adamstown centre half, under severe pressure from the brilliant Harry McCabe was the final action of an excellent match. The referee blew the whistle with Ringsend winning 5-1. We screamed in celebration of our victory. We are now through to the final with great confidence.

Team Sheet: Josh.Mcg , Murphy.A , Jack.B , Calum.J , Brandon.Q , Harry McCabe , Lucas.D , Darragh.C, Stephen Power , Cameron.T and Luke.H .                                                                                              Subs: Daniel.O’R , Jason.O’T , Craig.O’N , Calum.B and Darragh.B .        

Article by,

Brandon Q,   Stephen P,  Murphy A, Daniel O`R