All good things must come to an end, including the Summer holidays. The 2014/15 school year began last Wednesday as the Junior Infants had their first day in school and all of the other classes moved a step up the educational ladder. Ms. Keegan welcomed her new batch of Junior Infants and we hope they enjoyed their first day in St. Patrick’s. Ms. Fitzgerald has taken her group from last year on to Senior Infants. Mr. O’Rourke has 1st Class and Mr. Fahy, our new teacher, has 2nd Class and half of 3rd Class. Ms. Purcell has the rest of 3rd Class plus 4th Class and Laura is based with her on the top floor. Mr. Lane has 5th and 6th Classes. Ms. Sherry has moved from Home-School to Learning Support while Ms. Farrelly continues in her role from last year.  Mr. Booth is now an administrative Principal. We wish everyone the best for the year ahead.